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An area ergonomics assessment begins with one on one workstation assessments for an entire area.  The area
systems and processes are then analyzed for efficiency and worker impacts.  The results data is then compiled and
reported along with proposed solutions to management in a way that provides them with the means to make informed
decisions on how to proceed.  The charts below show some results of the symptoms survey accomplished in an area
ergonomics assessment.  It is typically very surprising to management when they see how many of their employees
are having ergonomics related difficulties.
The basic building block of ergonomics is the individual workstation assessment.  The Ergonomist spends time
with the employee at their workstation observing the employee going through their tasks.  The Ergonomist
observes and notes issues with the fit of the workstation, chair, computer screen height and alignment, glare
from inside and outside and posture the employee uses to interact with all of the items they work with.  Other
potential issues are chair height, reaching to work with tools, glasses/bifocals, type of keyboard, laptop vs.
desktop computer, telephone usage, document placement and much more.  A detailed report is issued detailing
issues found and proposed solutions.  How many significant issues can you find in the picture below?
Area Assessment
Workstation Assessment
Ergonomics programs are most noted for reducing the number and severity of injuries to employees from
repetitive motion injuries from work tasks.  This in and of itself is a great enticement for an ergonomics
program and typically results in the  reduction of worker's compensation exposure. But there is in fact so
much more to ergonomics.  Ergonomics is the study of how people work.  It is about making the workplace
fit the worker.  Why does that matter beyond the cost of implementation?  The real savings of a
comprehensive ergonomics program are earned from increased worker productivity and keeping workers
on the job.  As personnel is typically the largest cost of any business, any increase in worker productivity
and improvement in worker attendance and retention equals a direct positive impact to the bottom line.  
Ergonomics is all about the individual.  What works for one may not work well for another.  Typically,
buying one style chair for all of your employees does not work well.  There will be a percentage of
employees that will not fit in the chair or may be injured or at least experience discomfort with a uni
chair.  As a business person, you want your employees to be in top shape and ready to work all of the
time to maximize output.  Let  N.L. Austin & associates, Inc help you to build a workplace that
maximizes the talents of your employees and improves your bottom line!
Reduce Injuries
Reduce lost workdays
Improve Productivity
Enhance the bottom line