N.L. Austin Consulting, LLC  - Ergonomics
The basic building block of a top ergonomics program, is in designing the workstations to fit your employees
properly and knowing what that means.  
A full area assessment should come first.  We will identify the
issues and recommend wholesale improvements.  We then meet with those employees having significant issues
and get their issues and concerns corrected.  T
he Ergonomist spends time with the identified employees at their
workstation observing the employee going through their tasks.  The Ergonomist observes and notes issues with
the fit of the workstation, chair, computer screen height and alignment, glare from inside and outside and
posture the employee uses to interact with all of the items they work with.  Other potential issues are chair
height, reaching to work with tools, glasses/bifocals, type of keyboard, laptop vs. desktop computer, telephone
usage, document placement and much more.  A detailed report is issued detailing issues found and proposed
Workstation Assessment
Ergonomics is all about the individual.  What works for one may not work well for another.  Buying one style
chair for all of your employees
(ostensibly because "it fits everyone and looks really good) is a trap!  It does
not work
for your employees!  There will be a percentage of employees that will not fit in the chair or may be
injured or at least experience
significant discomfort with a single chair.  As a business person, you want your
employees to be in top shape and ready to work all of the time to maximize output.  Let  N.L. Austin C
help you to build a workplace that maximizes the talents of your employees and improves your bottom
How To Use A Sit Stand Desk
Most ergonomics issues are driven by a lack of understanding of the real needs of your
employees and their work when selecting lighting, furniture, chairs, computer equipment and input
devices. Companies also fail to understand the true impact that poor ergonomics has on their
employees, their health and well-being, productivity, and health care costs. It does not matter how
much money is put into the furniture layout and setup.  It does not matter how pretty it all is.  
Failure to consider the real human factors based upon the needs of your employees and their
work they do will cause many, many issues.

Sit stand desks typically are hardly used by the employee population and many times cause more
injuries - because the employees do not know the hows and whys of sit stand and proper use.
When this is all understood with proper information the employees, sit stand desks are
phenomenal!  We take the sciences of ergonomics and make them simple.

How well is your current furniture setup working for your employees?  Let us do a low cost
analysis and show you how you can take control of your situation!  
SIT STAND DESKS: Good sit stand desks are great!  There are
many versions though that will actually cause you more problems
than fix.  What is the old saying: Buyer Beware. If it looks too good
to be true - it is!  Even if you get great desks, the employees must
be trained how to use them and why or they can actually hurt
themselves more.