N.L. Austin Consulting, LLC
CONSULTING - Providing the safety services you need for either basic compliance or world class

PROGRAMS - We will work with you to develop written safety compliance programs that meet your
specific safety and corporate needs and goals.  
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Benchmark Assessment - What are your issues right now?  We will assess your  Workers'
Compensation files, OSHA log files, incident reports, training records, conduct a walk through and
interview key employees to provide a comprehensive benchmark assessment of your safety
situation.  This assessment will include itemized listings of issues and opportunities for

TRAINING - Safety training for your employees on specific safety issues and/or programs that will
satisfy compliance requirements and any needs you have beyond simple compliance.

AUDITS -  We will help you to identify opportunities for improvement in safety with area, records
and documentation audits.

SAFETY MEETINGS - Providing information on items of interest to your employees with individual
or on-going safety meetings.

Ergonomics, Confined Space, Evacuation, Emergency Response, Fall Protection,
Personal  Protective Equipment, Hazard Communication, Job Hazard Analysis, and more!