N.L. Austin & Associates, Inc.
Emergency Preparedness / Response
Do you have an emergency response program?  If not, you should.  It should consider all of the physical threats to
your company and what actions to take should you face those threats.  Let N.L. Austin & Associates, Inc help you
identify the threats you face and determine the appropriate actions to take and put together a comprehensive
emergency preparedness and emergency response program.  Actions that can consist of a simple evacuation
program or a fully trained and equipped Emergency Response Team.  We can help you get to where you should be
to protect your employees and your company.
Corporate Emergency Response Team Training
What happens if you call 911 and no one comes?  Or they come late?  What if the firetrucks in your area are out on another
call when you need them?  Remember the anthrax in the mail events?  It could take days for the fire department to respond to
your call for help with powder in the mail during that time.  What if there is a terrorist attack on the city?  What can you do to be
prepared?  What are the key things in your company that must be protected at all costs?  Are you prepared to protect your
business or are you totally at the mercy of the government being able to protect you?  Call or email us to take the next step!
     Emergency Planning
     Fire response training
     Contingency planning
     Hazard analysis
     Evacuation planning and training
     Severe weather preparedness
     Chemical / Biologccal / Nuclear planning

Former Fire Chief Henry (Hank) Austin, CSP, MS is an inventor on US Patent number 7,170,023 B1 "System and Method for
Protecting Mail".   The system and technologies he developed were for protection of one of the largest mail operations in the
country from hazardous materials, chemicals, biologicals and irradiation attacks.  He also developed and implemented the
emergency plans, procedures and training for a Fortune 200 company with multiple locations and over 23,000 employees.  This
included the planning for and training of the interior structural firefighting team shown in the picture above with both interior and
exterior firefighting vehicles.  

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