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N.L. Austin Consulting, LLC
Providing full services for
Ergonomics, Usability, and Process
Engineering including Workstation
Assessments and Program
Development for small or enterprise
sized organizations. Objectives
include reduction of injuries,
improved time on the job and
biomechanical performance.  

Located in San Antonio, Texas, N.L. Austin Consulting, LLC provides a full range of safety and ergonomics. President
Hank Austin has spent over 30 years in the safety field. Hank spent 15 years as the Manager of Safety/Environmental
Affairs for a Fortune 300 company building world class award winning programs. Hank is a Certified Safety
Professional and has worked with all levels of employees and management.  Hank knows how to tailor the Ergonomics
message to the audience in order to make the highest level of impact.

World Class Human Performance Engineering - The Gold Standard
A world-class Human Performance Engineering program combines the best of the above programs and takes them to
a new level considering the human factor
in all aspects of the business. This best-in-class program begins in
planning for any and all projects, includes all aspects of operations, purchasing, specification and building.  The
world-class program greatly enhances operations by maximizing the efficiency of employees considering both physical
and cognitive aspects of tasks.